We hate to say "Goodbye"

but, The Purple Elephant is closing

After 5+ years in Raleigh, the Purple Elephant has decided that it must close its doors.  We are no longer accepting donations.

We want say "THANK YOU" for all of the support that we received from the community over the years.


Please continue to look for alternatives to the landfill when disposing of your PCs and electronics.  As of JULY 1, 2011, Computer Equipment is BANNED FROM NC LANDFILLS

Resources you might consider:


Wake Country Trash Takers

City of Raleigh recycling options (scroll to the bottom of the web page for donation alternatives)

City of Cary recycling

Wake County recycling

Chatham Country recycling

Durham County recycling and swap



Welcome to the Purple Elephant

The Purple Elephant Computer Factory! is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that was founded to address two different, but complementary needs:

  • Many individuals and companies in the Raleigh Triangle area need to responsibly dispose of perfectly good PCs that have been replaced by newer models,  and
  • Many local families need access to a home PC, but cannot afford to spend $500+ for a new system.   We accept donated computers, refurbish them, install a new Windows XP image with additional software, and place them back into the community.

Over the last 6 years, over 5000 of our refurbished PCs have been placed back into productive use all over North Carolina and beyond. We have worked with a variety of organizations and foundations in the Raleigh area, such as Rotary Club, Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, and YWCA, to place hundreds of PCs with families - at no cost to them. For example, in 2010, 150 PCs are going to the families of NC National Guard members.  Some of our refurbished systems are also available for sale to the general public, for a very low price, at our retail location, helping us to recoup some of our costs.


To bridge the educational and rehabilitative needs of children, and adults, by placing computer technology directly into the home.


By providing refurbished and Internet-ready personal computers to KIDS OF ALL AGES hopes to:

  • Reduce the high school Dropout Rate through in-home computer technology.
  • Increase End-Of-Grade test scores through in-home computer technology.
  • Use in-home computers as a tool to discourage Gang Participation.
  • Connect Families with Deployed Active Duty parents via the Internet.

Nonprofits and the public are invited to support us by participating in our program. Stop by and take a look at our fully refurbished PC's.


What is a Purple Elephant?

It has been well over 50 years since my school teacher used a picture of blind men standing around an elephant trying to describe it. One, at the trunk, described the elephant as long and round. Another, at an ear, described the elephant as wide, thin, and flat. Yet another, at a leg, described it as a tree trunk. Each was correct, but no one knew what the elephant really looked like.

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Purple Elephant Computer Factory!


Our factory is shutting down.


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Dave Hinton: Executive Director

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